providing low-barrier wellness services to
trans and gender diverse people


We provide low-barrier wellness and legal services to Two-Sprit, transgender and gender non-conforming people in a way that is respectful and celebratory of clients’ identity and self-expression.

We offer free services to people who need them, regardless of factors like citizenship or health insurance.


We can help you update your legal name and gender-marker.

We also answer questions about identification (ID) updates, help you pay for some costs updating your ID, and help you update other identification such as passport, BC service card, and driver’s license.

We also provide summary advice on most legal issues. This is a single appointment to learn about the issue and let you know what you should do next.

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We offer hormone and surgery readiness, and ADHD assessments.

Readiness assessments provide a letter of recommendation from our counsellors, to support your medical access to hormone replacement therapy (HRT) or gender-affirming surgeries.

An ADHD assessment can provide an ADHD diagnosis, and support access various supports including medication from your doctor / primary care provider.

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We services are primary funded by The Law Foundation of BC, BC Association of Community Health Centres, and Vancity.

We rely on donations to provide long-term stability and cover services and other costs not supported by these grants.

* Note we do not currently have charity status, so we cannot issue tax receipts.



We currently have two email newsletters:

News & Announcements: General news from our organization. Typically 1-2 emails per month.

Service Updates: Notifications regarding new services or changes to existing services. Typically less than 1 email per month.