providing low-barrier wellness services to
trans and gender diverse people

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At this time, all our appointments are virtual only, via Zoom.

Our virtual clinic services are free and available to all trans and gender-diverse residents of BC regardless of status.

Counselling & Readiness Assessments

Our counselling services are currently fully booked, but we are able continuing to offer hormone and surgery readiness assessments. Readiness assessments provide a letter of recommendation from our counsellors, to support your medical access to hormones replacement therapy (HRT) or gender-affirming surgeries.

Legal Advice & ID Changes

Our Lawyers can provide summary legal advice for free on a variety of topics, including family law, human rights, employment, etc. They are also available to assist with legal identity document changes and notarization. Our lawyers can provide support and guidance but cannot take on your case and act for you as your lawyer.

Note that legal appointments are only available via Zoom video call, and you will need to show current government-issued photo ID.

Clinic Dates

Most appointments are booked on monthly clinic dates. The following clinic dates and times are available:

  • Sunday November 14th 2021, 4-7PM
  • Sunday December 12th 2021, 4-7PM