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Transgender Day of Remembrance

November 20th marks the Transgender Day of Remembrance, when events are held in communities across the world to memorialize those people whose lives were cut short by transphobic violence.  In bearing witness to these tragedies, we are called on to counteract transphobia and cisgender privilege.

Many of those who were murdered were women, and their deaths are a call to action to replace widespread misogyny with dignity and respect for all women.

Many were people of colour, and their deaths are a call to action to resist the violence and marginalization fuelled by racism.

Many were sex workers, and their deaths are a call for safer working conditions for sex workers, as well as an end to economic disparities.

We join community members around the world in mourning each victim of murder. May our sadness and anger be matched by resolve to fight unequal systems of power that give rise to the acts of violence that have extinguished so many transgender lives.