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Accessing Gender-Affirming Surgery in BC

The Prism Education Series Presents:

Accessing Gender Affirming Surgery* in BC: How do the WPATH Standards of Care Affect You?

Presented by: Dr. Gail Knudson MD, MPE, FRCPC & Dr. Marria Townsend, MD, CCFP
Thursday September 26th, 11:00- 1:00 pm
Auditorium – Eye Care Centre 2550 Willow Street (at the corner of West 10th Ave), Vancouver
Registration is required

In 2012, the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) published new Standards of Care to guide practice for those working with trans and gender variant clients in a range of disciplines. These standards are currently being implemented in parts of B.C. and will include some changes to the process and principles of care around medical transition, including surgeries.

How do the new WPATH standards of care affect you?
This education session is geared towards anyone interested in how the new WPATH Standards of Care 7 affect access to gender affirming surgery and the informed consent model of medical care. An overview of the standards will be provided and will explore how they are being gradually adopted by health professionals and the Ministry of Health in B.C. Please note: This session will focus on the standards of care as they relate to adults (over 19).

Key questions that will be explored include:
• What do these standards mean for your care?
• How can you navigate this often confusing system?
• Has the ‘Real Life Experience’ requirement really changed?
• What do I need to know to access surgery and other gender affirming care?
• How can I begin to prepare for the process of ‘assessment’/surgical care planning?

Who should attend? Anyone with an interest in gender affirming care for trans and gender variant individuals (adults). Space is limited and registration is required. Please note, this is a session for community members and the general public. Another session geared specifically towards service providers will be offered on Sept 19, 2013. Information will be tailored to the needs of the specific audiences.

To register to attend in-person, please email:

*gender affirming surgery has been referred to ‘Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS)’ in the past.

Accessibility Info: The auditorium is accessible to wheelchairs and scooters from the main entrance of the building. The washroom next to the auditorium is wheelchair-accessible. The building is located within 2 blocks of the 99 B-Line, which is wheelchair & scooter accessible. Please note that the building does not have designated parking spots for visitors, including visitors with disabilities. There is only street-side pay parking and a parkade nearby. Building signage does not include braille.